Beverages help people relax, and be more comfortable and congenial in a large group. They are part of our culture; part of the way we celebrate and express our hearts.

At the Carrington Inn, we can provide a number of affordable paths to a bubbly celebration. These include: fixed cost Beverage Packages, tab-limited bar service, and guest-pays service.

Tab-limited Bar Service (TBS): With Tab-limited Bar Service, the wedding organiser establishes an upper level of expenditure they will cover for guest beverages.  The bar will charge each drink at 8% off its regular rate until the limit is reached.  Just before the limit is reached, our supervisor will advise the wedding organiser if they wish to raise the limit.  If not, guests can continue to order and pay for what they consume.

Guest-Pays Service (GPS): It is not unreasonable for guest to contribute to the costs of a wedding reception by paying for their own drinks.  When the Guest-Pays Service option is chosen, the bar will charge each drink at its regular rate to the guest ordering it.  Settlement will occur with each order.

Even with GPS, the wedding organiser can still provide guests with a complimentary beverage, say for a toast – $5.00pp.  This beverage will be added to the organiser’s cost.

For both TBS and GPS, the wedding organiser will underwrite an average minimum spend of $25 per guest.  Any shortfall of that amount will be presented in the final account settlement.

Beverage Package Service (BPS):  When the wedding organiser selects one of our Beverage Packages, they contain the costs of beverages to a known amount, and save an estimated 25% over the price of beverages charged at the bar’s regular rate.

The Carrington Inn BPS is design to create a very comfortable time for all reception guests, whether they enjoy alcoholic beverages or are teetotallers. It is based on consumption by a reasonable person at a reasonable rate.  It is not an ‘all you can drink’ offer, and Responsible Service of Alcohol rules apply at all times.

We offer three standard BPS packages, each with a 3-hour and a 4-hour service option.  We call them the Lake George Premium Package, the Carrington Package, and the Australian Package.  Each package will provide a variety of delightful wines selected by our sommelier including: Sparkling, Reds, and Whites.

The Lake George Premium Package features wines from fine wineries in the Canberra Region, such as Lerida Estates, Lark Hill, and Clonakilla. This package also includes choice of premium Australian sparkling wine and premium local and imported beers.

3 hours $50 per person
each additional hour $13 per person

The Carrington Package features wines from fine wineries across Australia, such as Penfold, Hardys, and Peter Lehmann and includes 1 sparkling, 2 red wines 2 white wines, local and imported beers.

3 hours $45 per person
each additional hour $12 per person

The Australian Package serves a selection of good house wine that includes 1 sparkling, 2 whites and 2 reds as well as local Australian beers.

3 hours $40 per person
each additional hour $11 per person

All packages include: 

  • Soft drinks
  • Juices
  • Tea and Filtered Coffee

Spirits, Mixed Drinks and Cocktails can be available on a guest-pays basis.
Prices quoted are for the 2016 year.