Closed Two Weeks for Something New…. New Menu – New Feel!

In the year since the Carrington restaurant reopened we’ve had several suggestions to make it better.

Now, as we prepare for our first anniversary, we are updating the restaurant format accordingly! Be prepared for a popular new menu, wider drinks selection, and a comfortable casual dining feel!

To prepare for the changes, the Carrington restaurant will be closed for two weeks from September 6th until Thursday September 21st. However, during that time, we invite our guests to eat at our companion restaurant, Café Woodworks, which is open daily from 9am to 5pm and open for dinner Friday and Saturday from 6pm.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page as we share more about the Carrington restaurant changes.

Thomas Wentworth Wills – c.1860
Restoration © 2016 TCI

The Venue: The TOM WILLS space is comprised of the cosy indoor tavern, sheltered outdoor courtyard, and the private Tom Wills Room.   The tavern’s Mahogany Bar is from Bath England, where in 1830 the first drink crossed its counter.  Since imported more than three decades ago to the Inn, it has been the location where people have come to celebrate great friendships, achievements, special occasions, and just let their hair down.

The decor of The TOM WILLS draws inspiration from the Victorian era of the building, and takes pleasure in incorporating late 19th century egalitarian innovations of textured walls, coffered ceilings and electric lighting.

Its use of deep blue, red and green tartan wall colours and pure copper ceiling, wraps the space around the visitor like a comfortable coat.  Its uncurtained small pane glass windows, simple slate fireplace, and natural wooden floors are recognisable notes of colonial civilisation, arousing and innate sense of roots and arrival.  It speaks of a time when the middle classes were ascending into the early 20th Century.

The Food & Beverages: The courtyard is open to the sky above and the Elm Park Garden to the west. There, guests share a sense of the original spaciousness of the yard.

The menu draws its inspiration from English and Irish tavern inn traditions, but interprets them in a gastropub style for the 21st Century guest.  The result is distinctively modern Australian – distinctively Carrington Inn – Bungendore.  All items are prepared fresh with wholefood ingredients.

The Tavern does not seek to duplicate what can be provided by other establishments.  The Tavern’s specific food offerings are made to be shared.  Its tapas-like treats make munching and drinking with friends fun, and strengthen personal bonds.  Guests wishing to have a full meal in our tavern or outdoor courtyard are also welcome to order from the Wintergarden’s á la carte menu.  Our service is not rushed and gives you time to converse, drink, and digest one course before you are served the next one. We would like you to allow yourself an hour or longer to enjoy your meal and drinks with us.

The TOM WILLS drink selection is a premium selection of draft beers, mid-to-top shelve spirits, and a wine selection of recognised estates and good character. The selection is aspirational and rewarding.

The Tavern’s heated veranda provides a dry and warm space to take in food, drink and fresh air for much of the year. Live music is generally performed  Sunday afternoons in the courtyard, just as the Gallagher Family did a century ago.

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The Tom Wills Tavern & Courtyard Menu

Please Note: Our menu is available throughout the Wintergarden – inside and outside.   When served in the Empire Salon parlours, there is a $4.00 per person surcharge for the extra level of setting and service provided there.
Thank you.

11:30a – 9:00p


  • Cala a la Carrington
    No one serves calamari like The Carrington. Your Tapa basket of crisp home-battered calamari rings is garnished with toasted Nori seaweed. It’s complimented by lemon and a homemade dipping sauce of Saffron aioli and chunky apple. 16.50
  • Cigarros de Pescado
    For this Tapa, Chef prepares a rich, creamy seafood filling and rolls it into four long pastry spring rolls before deep-frying to a crunchy golden brown. Curry aioli and grilled sour dough compliment this serving for two.13.50
  • Grilled Veggie Roll
    Asparagus, capsicum, and eggplant are lightly grilled in olive oil. Chef then rolls them into two servings and tops with shaved Parmesan. The dish is signed with a pesto and vinaigrette sauce and served with grilled sourdough toast. (GF-A/V/VEG-A)14.50
  • Heavenly Wings
    Chef prepares a generous 350 gram bucket of golden brown chicken wings. This mini-feast is accompanied by Carrington’s delicious BBQ dipping sauce, made with mango, soya, and garlic. It is garnished with sesame seed and served with garlic toast. (GF-A/Seeds) 16.00
  • Kebabs del Mar
    This seafood-lovers Tapa has two skewers of grilled seafood – salmon, baby octopus, prawn – garnished with cherry tomato and lemon. Chef includes a dipping sauce of fresh Romesco – almonds, capsicum, wine vinegar and oil. Grilled bread included. (GF-A)19.50
  • Mushroom Parmesan
    In a hot ramekin dish, Chef gently sautes fresh brown mushrooms with herbs, virgin olive oil, and a touch of butter. The Tapa is finished with shaved Parmesan and served with grilled sourdough toast to create a serving for two. (GF-A/V/VEG-A)14.00
  • Pig and the Prawn
    This classic Tapa dish combines generous portions of shrimp and chorizo combined in a glorious casserole sauce of pressed organic tomato, capsicum, garlic, olive oil and red wine vinegar. This share-plate comes hot and served with garlic toast. 16.50
  • Tom Wills Sliders
    Chef has created a tasty three-sandwich variety plate: Lamb Burger, Pulled Chicken, and Barramundi. Each mini-sandwich has a unique sauce and quality bread. Pickled vegetables compliment. A meal for one or share with a friend.16.50

11:30a – 2:30p  &  6:00p – 9:00p





Opening Times
Wed – Thurs: 11:30a – 9:30p
Fri – Sat: 11:30a – 11:30p
Sun: 11:30a – 8:00p

Dining Service Times
Lunch Service: Wed – Sun: Noon – 2:30p
Dinner Service: Wed – Sat: 6:00p – 8:20p+
Sun: 6:00p – 8:00p+

(NB: Times noted are for taking food orders, not closing times.)

Booking Recommended

Menus Selections Change Seasonally.

Prices include GST.
Surcharge may apply to Sundays and Public Holidays
The Carrington Inn avoids GMO Ingredients whenever possible.