The Carrington’s hospitality team is expanding the group’s food and beverage experiences with a choice of outlets that fit comfortably into the many aspects of modern lives. We have created four points for guest engagement that are both distinctive and complementary. These include the special Carrington Bar & Grill and the much “Liked” Cafe Woodworks.

The new Bar & Grill is located in the recently refurbished 1885 roadhouse inn. The Cafe is attached to the very creative Bungendore Wood Works Gallery and whose works can be seen throughout both venues.

The creative nature of the Cafe’s surroundings is reflected in its menu stylings, while the American Cobb & Co nature of William Winter’s original roadhouse clearly influences the Bar & Grill’s menu and place.  Both venues are welcoming for locals and travellers alike.

Our team is led by Eric Dangerfield, General Manager of the Carrington Inn, and founder of Cafe Woodworks.  The team’s mission is to provide outstanding food, accommodation, and service that leaves our patrons with an happy and satisfying experience.

On our seven  acre property we are creating what we hope will become one of the premiere rural accommodation, function, and dining venues in the region.

And it all started 135 years ago!

The Carrington Inn’s – Four Distinctive Guest Venues

CARRINGTON Bar & Grill and CAFE Woodworks

The Carrington’s food and beverage venues provide comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces for guests to eat, drink, and be merry.  The Bar & Grill is a stylish and welcoming venue for relaxed and pleasurable socialising.   Its building was constructed by colonist William Danial Winter in 1885 and who named it the Carrington Hotel.

As in 1885, today you can eat outside near where the horses were stabled or inside near where the rum was kept!

The roadhouse’s dining takes great advantage of the old inn.  You can peer in through the small pane windows and see why the Carrington was popular.  During evenings, the flickering of candle light and firelight in winter on the polished floorboards and walls makes it feel like you just mercifully stepped off a daylong coach ride.  On the other hand, the garden courtyard is a favourite location for man and beast on  balmy or sultry nights, especially when the moon and the stars are piercing through the canopy of the Elms.

The main eating place is Empire Hall. It’s a bit of the Victorian era blended with contemporary Australian art that is provided by Bungendore Wood Works Gallery.  The combination of genuine old and genuine new creates an excitement and buzz that encourages informality, talking, and reaching out across the room to others.

The table setting is traditional, and a cut above what you would expect from similar establishments.  Inside the table clothes and napkin are linen, and the china was made specially for the Carrington.  Beef is served with wooden handle knifes specially made for a steaks.  Staff can quickly configure the tables to seat 2, 4, 6, or 8 people comfortably.

The Bungendore Woodworks Gallery was designed by notable local architect Maurice Barnes and built in 1994 to create the ideal environment for exhibiting wood and other media. The Gallery was integrated around a house built in 1883, which in 1998 was restored and modified to become Café Woodworks with dining for over 100 people.

Patrons of Cafe Woodworks can sit in the air conditioned comfort of the spacious dining room, or sit alfresco under large umbrellas, while watching the world pass before them.

The indoor dining room is a creative space where the walls are filled with authentic Australian artwork from the Wood Works Gallery collections. It is open to the bustling kitchen, where aromas of fresh baked banana bread and fresh ground coffee are added treats.

Tables can be quickly configured to suit most parties sizes.