Open Wednesday – Sunday

With the recent reopening of the thoroughly refurbished Wintergarden restaurant building, the 1885 Carrington Inn is reinventing itself as a nationally-relevant social and dining venue.

In an era of egocentric restaurants, entrepreneur Richard Graham and the Carrington Culinary team call time-out to harried pretentious dining, to recreate a relaxed social dining experience that fits comfortably into modern times and lives.

Our team’s mission is to provide outstanding food and service, and imbue their patrons with an experience that leaves them happier, and healthier than before they arrived.

On the half-acre site, we have created what we hope will eventually become one of the premiere social dining venues in the nation.  From the 1885  roadhouse inn, we have created four points for guest engagement that are both distinctive and complementary at the same time.

The Wintergarden – Four Distinctive Guest Venues

The Carrington’s Wintergarden is a stylish venue for relaxed and pleasurable socialising.  It is a place for people to eat, drink, and be merry.  The name of the Wintergarden is drawn from free settler colonist William Danial Winter, who built the building by hand in 1885, and who establish the Lord Carrington Hotel the following year.  The Wintergarden isn’t just a great venue for friends and family to socialise, it is a portal through which the present gains from the past, and rushed is trumped by unhurried.

Carrington Heritage