Please Note: Reservations are not required for Cafe Woodworks, but recommended for public holidays.

Open Seven Days a Week

Cafe Woodworks is a vibrant and welcoming space surrounded by exquisite art and craft. Our freshly prepared meals are generous in size and flavour, and made from locally sourced produce when possible. Our friendly and accommodating staff will greet you with a genuinely warm welcome.

The Venue:  The main part of the cafe was first built in 1883 as a residence. One hundred and ten years later, the Bungendore Wood Works architect, Morris Barnes, designed the Gallery around embracing that building. A few years later a cafe began to function in the space.  However, it wasn’t until Eric Dangerfield established Cafe Woodworks in 2001 that we had the special place it is.  Eric is now General Manager of the Carrington Inn, and has over 25 years experience in the hospitality industry. He brings a practical and hands on approach to food and serving our valued customers. Our relationship with the Bungendore Wood Works Gallery brings a strong creative orientation and feel to the Cafe, both on our walls and in our meals. We work in partnership with the Gallery to improve on the delight our visitors experience in both places. 

Cafe Woodworks is a great place to visit no matter the occasion. Whether it is morning tea, lunch or a quick cuppa, we will cater to you.  Our vast, seasonal menu offers some of the regions best fresh produce; hand-crafted by our chefs and served by our team of friendly and accommodating wait staff.

The Food:  Dinner at Cafe Woodworks is country dining with a sophisticated and modern menu. Enjoy our seasonal menu and quality produce in candle light dinner with one of our great local wines on offer. We are licensed with a great selection of local and interstate wines, beers and ciders that will compliment your meal.

Our dinner menu offers a great range of options to cater for all types of customers. We offer entrees, light meals and main course dishes to satisfy all.

Cafe Woodworks prides itself on a good cup of coffee. Black Mountain Coffee is the current bean we use. The smooth and aromatic bean creates a softer flavour that is not only enjoyed by locals but by tourists and visitors who are just popping in.

Our desserts are made freshly in house or locally. We have scones and muffins baked daily as well as a large variety of cakes and tarts. We also have gluten free and lactose free options available.

Café Woodworks is available to host your next function.

Whether that be a birthday party, holiday party, or any special event, we can look after you.

Sean Dodd, Manager, Café Woodworks

Cafe Woodworks Menu

  • Big Breakfast
    fried eggs, bacon, local pork sausages, tomato, mushrooms, sourdough
  • North India Eggs
    poached with capsicum and tomato lentils, spicy olive oil (V, GF)
  • Eggs Benny Salmon
    poached eggs, grilled salmon, spinach, hollandaise sauce, sourdough
  • Eggs Benny Bacon
    poached eggs, bacon, spinach, hollandaise sauce, sourdough
  • Eggs Benny Veggie
    poached eggs, mushrooms, tomato, spinach, hollandaise sauce, sourdough (V)
  • Egg White Omelette
    ham, cheese, tomato, feta, sourdough
  • Scrambled Eggs
    bacon, grilled tomato, sourdough
  • Breakfast Sandwich
    bacon, two fried eggs, cheese, bbq sauce
  • Grilled Mushrooms
    goat cheese, thyme, balsamic, sourdough (V)
  • Pancakes
    banana, berries, fruit, maple syrup, double cream (V)
  • Bacon Pancakes
    maple syrup, banana, vanilla ice cream
  • Toast and Jam
    crusty bread with two jams
  • Honey Roast Pumpkin Bruschetta
    goat cheese, walnuts, balsamic glaze (V)
  • Beer Battered Flathead Fillets
    garden salad, tartare, chips
  • Pumpkin Risotto
    goat cheese, spinach, pine nuts, parmesan (V, GF)
  • Chicken Burger
    goat cheese, spinach, pine nuts, parmesan (V, GF)
  • Zucchini, Feta & Carrot Fritters
    indian spices, salad greens, coriander yoghurt (V)
  • Salmon Fillet
    chive mash, steamed greens, lemon herb butter (GF)
  • Butter Chicken
    capsicum, cashews, roast tomato, coconut rice, raita
  • Chicken Tenderloins
    almond and pine nut couscous, coriander yoghurt (GF)
  • Salt & Peper Calamari
    garden salad, tartare, chips
  • Steak Sandwich (Medium)
    salad, onion, beetroot, wedges, bbq sauce
  • Indian Lamb Curry
    pumpkin, peas, naan, raita
  • Seafood Penne
    salmon, prawns, calamari, tomato, mild chili
  • Wagyu Beef Burger
    salad, cheddar, onion, tomato sauce, wedges
  • Roast Vegetable Soup
    sour cream, toasted garlic bread (V)
  • Open Toasted Sandwich
    ham, avocado, cheddar, tomato, relish, garden salad
  • Smashed Avocado
    tomato, feta and herb salsa on crusty sourdough (V)
  • Toast with Jam
    crusty bread, two jams
  • Pancakes
    maple syrup, banana, berries, fruit, double cream (V)
  • Raisin Toast
    toasted with butter
  • Banana Bread
    one slice toasted with butter
  • Calamari
    Crispy with salt and peper seasoning and aioli
  • Crispy King Prawns
    Almond and Capsicum Couscous with tartare
  • Bruschetta
    Honey Roast Pumpkin, Walnuts, Goat Cheese with balsamic glaze
  • Roast Vegetable Soup
    Sour Cream and Garlic Toast
  • Arancini Balls
    Mushroom, Pea and Pesto with House-made Tomato Chutney
  • Garlic Prawns
    Chives and Crusty Sourdough Bread
  • Seafoord Chowder
    Prawns, Calamari, Salmon and Garlic Sourdough Bread
  • Lamb Curry
    Pumpkin, Peas, Naan Bread and Raita
  • Beef Medallions
    Chive Mash, Steamed Vegetables with Red Wine Jus
  • Salmon Fillet
    Mash, Steamed Vegetables with Lemon Herb Butter
  • Prawn and Bacon Fettuccini
    Mild Chilli, Tomato Sauce with Parmesan
  • Butter Chicken
    Cashews, Tomato, Coconut Rice and Raita
  • Pork Stir-fry
    Marinated Pork Belly, Hokkien Noodles, Chilli with Honey and Soy
  • Vegetable & Lentil Curry
    Tofu, Naan Bread and Raita
  • Chicken or Prawn Laksa
    Rice Noodles, Tofu, and Vegetables
  • Beef Vindaloo
    Potato, Peas, Steamed Rice, House-made Coriander Chutney
  • Steak Sandwich
    Beetroot, Onions, Salad, Wedges with BBQ Sauce
  • Beer Battered Flathead
    Garden Salad, Chips with Tartare and Lemon
  • Pumpkin Risotto
    Goat Cheese, Preserved Lemon, Pine Nuts with Parmesan
  • Chicken Burger
    Avocado, Bacon, Salad, Chips with Aioli
  • Carrot, Zuchini & Feta Fritters
    Garden Salad with Coriander Yogurt

Opening Times
Sunday to Thursday 8am to 5pm
Friday & Saturday 8am to 5pm, 6pm for dinner

Coffee and Muffin Window Opens from 7am

Prices include GST.

Surcharge may applies to Public Holidays